Phat Games
Based in New York, NY, USA

Release date:
Android: Now
iPhone and iPad: Now
PC: 2018
Mac: 2018



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Join the heist! Steal the money, pay the ransom, and rescue the girl in this epic puzzle/action game coming soon to mobile, PC and Mac. Help Burgal traverse challenging logic based puzzles. Test your reflexes at Panic Dynamic mode and don't let Burgal die. Challenge Evil Bad Dude's minions and save the day!


Burgal's Bounty originally released for the Android in 2015. Two months after it was launched it was pulled because it was found that the artwork that was provided by our old artist was stolen from other sources. As a result, the game was largely rebuilt from the ground up. The art was redone with the child-like hand drawn look, the music was rewritten, many of the puzzles were rebuilt to rebalance the difficulty, a story was added, additional game modes and boss fights were also added and as a result Phat Games has created a whole new better game out of a bad experience.

Burgal's Bounty was inspired by our own game we made for DOS in 2001 called Phat Professional Burglar.


  • Over 120 challenging levels!
  • Features 4 game modes:
    • Unique logic based puzzle game play keeping you challenged every step of the way!
    • Arcade style game play that will keep your fingers moving fast!
    • BOSS FIGHTS! Need we say more?
    • Fully animated story mode! Follow Burgal's journey every step of the way!
  • 7 different unlockable costumes!
  • Amazing sound track!
  • Unlockable levels, and other extra content keeping you coming back time and again!
  • Unlock achievements!
  • This game is Phat... and epic!


Release Trailer YouTube

First Boss Fight YouTube

Burgal's Origin Story YouTube

Gameplay Alpha Footage YouTube



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About Phat Games

Phat Games originally hails from Canada, but over the years the team changed and split apart. Now it is located in New York, and is currently working on a cross platform release of the puzzle game Burgal's Bounty as it's first formal break into the Indie Game market.

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Phat Games Credits

Blair Pyle
Director; Programming; Game Design; Art, Phat Games

Gary Ng
Music, Phat Games

Alyssa Menes
Trailer Music, Freelancer

Nam Ho
Marketing, Freelancer

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